u0 Uses of Truss

Uses of Truss

Why Use Truss

Truss is the backbone of all exhibits since it is what can define the mood of the audiences in events. This is because they can be used to create an exhilarating environment during music concerts, marathon events, trade shows, conventions or any other type of event. Thus in this discussion, the main discussion will be based on the uses of truss and how they can be used to ensure that an event turns out to be successful.

Trusses are important and offer a great range of applications at any particular concert event or trade shows. They are used in creating a strong and stable rigging support for stage lighting and loudspeakers at any event or shows. Trusses come in short sections, or piecework hence can be attached to each other to meet requirements of any particular occasion. Erecting stable trusses depends on the mounting base. The mounting base should always be firmly mounted to the floor to offer a strong and yet stable foundation of erecting trusses to meet any events demands.

Among the common trusses are the stage trusses, which are heavy duty type of trusses used for rigging, touring and at concert events. The dimensions of lighting truss range from 18” to 24” wide depending on its area of application. They also come in an assorted range of box truss, ladder or flat truss and tri truss. Trusses are made to be lighter but still have a stronger and stable support to hold any event or concert. For this reason, most of them are made out of aluminum rather than steel, which by far is heavier than aluminum. Steel, however, offers much strength but not easy in fabricating or setting up. Due to its strength, some of the lighting trusses are made of steel.

Stage lighting truss is designed to have more load bearing functionalities and are mostly considered to be the lengthier. 24” wide stage truss come along with AV joints. The AV joints are used to provide extra support and stability and primarily used in creating longer spans of trusses depending on the required stage dimensions.

Some of the uses of truss involves staging, and rigging which can help to make an event look good, be presentable and sound professional, compelling and dynamic. Components used to elevate events include:

Rigging and Accessories

Equipment used in hanging speakers or lights from the truss structure is referred to as rigging. This is because rigging is normally used to suspend the lights and speakers directly above people who are on stage or audience.

Portable Stage Risers

The portable stage rises are always compulsory for the purposes of elevating the trade shows or any other kind of entertainment so as to ensure that every individual can view the action.

Truss and Ground Support

These are part of the infrastructures that supports the sound systems during trade shows. They have to be made from reliable and experience manufacturers.

The aluminum truss kits have been voted to be the best globally. This is due to their high strengths which can easily be assembled. As compared to steel, it is usually 62% lighter. They normally come in different lengths and sizes based on the client's specifications.