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Truss Displays

Truss Displays

Can you picture your company’s logo and more featured on our sleek, ultra-modern truss displays? We make this dream a reality with truss kits that come complete with hardware and graphics. Our systems offer patent twist locking technology and are designed to be completely tool free. One of these exhibit kits will surely grab the attention of the people on the show floor. So what are you waiting for?

Trade Show Truss Displays

Our sleek Truss Displays provide eye grabbig attention with tool-less assembly for your convenience


  1. Zenit Exhibit Truss
    Zenit truss display centers its attention around an impressive tower structure that stands 12' tall. Being seen for everybody at the showground, this structure is perfect for engagement and demonstration your message. Two stand-off half-round wall panels form semi-private working areas at the opposite sites of the both, allowing comfortably seating up to three people each. Thus such structure provides for sit down meetings to be conducted while wall panels create additional space to complete your branded message. Free standing straight counter, which can be placed whatever location suits your demonstration needs, allow for one-to-one interaction with your visitors. One 24" internal shelf provides products or samples showcase. Twelve 50w spot lights illuminate the booth.
  2. Titan Exhibition Truss
    Titan Truss Dislay provides a semi-private central location to conduct your sit down business meetings, comfortably seating up to four people. The circular construction of this exhibit will naturally attract your attendees attention as your messaging wraps around the 12' high tower. The feeling of movement and flow continues to the curved outer walls providing additional eye level opportunities to promote your products. Titan display comes completed with 2 curved counters for showcasing your products or samples and thus creates 2 working areas for booth's staff. Plenty of room for detailed information is on-hand with two integrated literature holders. Twenty two low-voltage spotlights dramatically showcase your message and bring your booth space to life.
  3. Gemini Display System
    Gemini truss display stands tall with its twin towers welcoming you onto the otherwise open floor space. Two counters on opposing corners allow for one-to-one interaction with your visitors, while four mounted monitors provide ample opportunity to share your video content. Each tower suppots four height-adjustable table tops, available in various laminate finishes, which can be attached in whatever location suits your demonstration needs. Booth is illuminated with 8 low-voltage spotlights.
  4. Corvus Truss Kit
    A double-stacked column supported by two wing pieces anchors a straight panel linking to a top crown piece. Various shapes and sizes are available for graphic displays and six height-adjustable table tops, available in various laminate finishes, can be attached in whatever location suits your demonstration needs. Curved wall panels create semi-private working space and complete your branded message. Circular overhead tower along with incredible 193" high tower bring your message to everybody in a showroom. Twenty low-voltage spotlights add a refined touch to complete your booth.
  5. Calypso Truss Display
    Calypso Truss display represents 3 different level four-sided towers that beckon visitors to walk beneath them. Dominant straight lines of the towers create perfect large sufraces for placing graphics and projecting your brand to all four compass points. Skew standing towers assure that your messages will be seen everywhere in the show room. In addition share your video content with attendees thanks to the monitor mount that can hold up to 40” monitor. Free standing rectangler counter allows creating demonstration/work area at any location that suits your needs. Sixteen low-voltage spotlights add a refined touch to your booth and bring your exhibit space to life.
  6. Canis Truss System
    Canis Truss Display represents four dual-paned graphic panels curve towards each corner of the booth while supporting a large, center crown piece above the booth. Such design provides the opportunity to promote up to four individual product lines, and outwardly protruding curved walls allowing for semi-private engagement with your audience. A centrally located meeting space under a circular overhead tower allows for more generalized conversation. Display your message on both sides of the four panels as well as the crown piece, and 24 low-voltage spotlights will dramatically emphasize your message.

Modular Reconfigurable Kits

These displays are used by companies that want to make an impact at their trade show or promotional event. Our truss display booths are designed to clearly demonstrate your products and services. Think you can't afford a truss stands? Think again. Our exhibits are designed to pack a punch and help you stand out at the show. With our competitive prices and excellent quality, you're assured to be getting a great looking display at the right price.

Our trade show truss display systems are built sturdy with quality materials and vibrant graphics. We have pre-designed kits that are priced to sell and if you have customized needs let us know. We can design you a truss display booth that fits your brand and objectives. Whether you decide on a pre-made system or custom designed option our goal is to make you a professional booth that attracts the attention your company deserves.

Versatile Exhibit Systems

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to our display truss. These exhibits are highly versatile and modular. They can be setup in multiple configurations making this stand a fit for any company that attends multiple conventions a year. Meaning you can customize your display sizing easily for each show by adding or removing parts to fit the size and look you need. Add flair by accessorizing it with lighting, shelves, graphics, slat wall, counters, and more.

There are many types of truss systems on the market however many of these exhibits require tools for setup, but not ours. We offer a completely tool free truss display systems. Our booth parts simply connect with twist lock hub connectors. Think of this stand as a modern day Linkin Log set.

10'x10' Truss Trade Show Booths and Larger

These versatile booths allow you to grow and evolve as your event marketing needs expand. If you are looking for an exhibit that is built to be durable and at the same time flexible enough to be one of the most versatile systems in the market then our truss displays are exactly what you need. We offer some standard truss kits options but you can customize them according to your demands and requirements. How can you upgrade your current exhibit? It is extremely easy; you just add or subtract parts. This will make a different look that is designed to fit your exhibit space or other presentation needs. It is very convenient if you attend many conventions throughout the year. You can easily purchase a 10’ x10’ truss trade show booth and then and on parts to reconfigure to create the desired size you need.

All of our trade show truss displays are durable timeless options. The durability, modern look, and versatility make this one of the best exhibit booths on the market. Turn heads at your next show with a well-designed booth that makes it easier for your marketing team to pull in prospects and drive leads.

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