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Trade Show Tables

Trade Show Tables

Need a highly durable but lightweight trade show table? Don’t settle for sub-par quality, construction, and design! We offer a variety of tables designed to fit your exhibiting needs. All of our trade show tables are constructed to be tough and portable. Pair it with a branded table cover to perfectly touch up your show look.

Trade Show Tables

Portable trade show tables are essential and serviceable supplement to satisfy all your display needs.


Why You Need A Trade Show Table?

What is one of the most essential components of any trade show marketing campaign? Your first thoughts probably turn to things like: your pitch and demos; product samples; attractive reading material, such as brochures and pamphlets. But besides these elements, that are a core of any display, there are many other products importance of which exhibitors ofter underestimate, for instance a trade show table or a counter.

When it comes to exhibiting you always want to put your best foot forward and look professional for your booth visitors. Besides requisites you also need to think about a place upon which you can put your literature and samples and which, in addition, can become a working area to communicate with potential customers and clients. And here is where trade show tables can come to the rescue.

You can ask why there is a need in these tables when there are so many traditional wooden tables. The answer is simple, but essential in terms of exhibiting. A table that has been specifically designed for use in trade show displays can make a real difference to your ability to set up quickly and efficiently, arrange your brochures and samples in an attractive fashion, and ultimately spend more time pitching to potential clients and customers.

Nothing is more off putting to potential customers than the feeling that your display is not thoroughly thought or done without a professional approach. You can imagine how repulsive it can be for your visitors if you drenched in sweat from carting around a weighty, antiquated table. Or if you placed a tabletop display that is too big for this table and sticks from its sides, or on the contrary, is too big and takes up too much of your precious display space.

So forget about traditional tables if you are serious about succeeding with trade show marketing. You don’t need to waste your valuable time to set up your display – trade show folding tables assemble within mere seconds, and virtually take no space when storing and transporting. Also one of the serious benefits is that you can pair one of our portable trade show tables with trade show table covers or table runners which perfectly match in size and can serve as a perfect addition to add a finished and polished look to the whole display.

Exhibe Portable offers a massive range of trade show tables for all purposes and budgets. The most popular products are:

  • 6ft Showgoer Folding Table
  • Showgoer 4' Demo Table
  • Bar Height Round Table
  • Pallet To Table Hardware
  • Case to Table Hardware

Purchasing a trade show table to complement your display you need to know, that they were designed with these key concepts in mind:


You can say goodbye to heavy, bulky, and difficult-to-transport tables. All tables for trade shows from Exhibe are built to be portable, including features like folding legs and light weight. After a hard day of exhibiting, nothing is better than knowing your table and display can be easily packed away, without unnecessary stress and hassle.


Trade show marketing can be an intensive business, especially if you are running to a tight schedule with a number of different events. In this environment, you can’t afford to have your display table break or wear out. Purchasing a trade show table from Exhibe you can be sure that you get a durable product, designed to withstand the rigors of frequent exhibiting.

Shapes & Sizes To Suit

Whenever you chose a tabletop display to showcase your graphics, or if you want to arrange your samples and literature, you can find a portable trade show table that will suit your needs. You don’t need to worry that something just won’t fit onto the table – they all designed with the most common dimensons of displays bore in mind. Making your display more neat and cozy by adding an appropriate table throw is also no problem – their sizes are made to ideally fit trade show tables.

Take your time to explore the range of trade show tables from Exhibe Portable. Say goodbye to bulky, heavy, and unreliable tables, and say hello to fas setup and impressive portability.

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