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Trade Show Flooring

Trade Show Flooring

Complete your trade show presentation with easy-to-use carpet, soft wood, bamboo, rubber, and custom logo flooring. Our trade show flooring is constructed to be portable, lightweight but most of all to reduce fatigue from standing all day. Whether you want the sleek look of a hardwood floor or your logo embedded into your event flooring, we can serve your needs!

Portable Trade Show Flooring

A perfect addition to your display is our portable yet durable, lightweight and fatigue reducing Trade Show Flooring.



Portable Trade Show Flooring

When you set up your booth at a trade show don't forget the trade show flooring. You're in essence opening a new store or office by which visitors will judge your business. You have signage, and displays, all calculated to catch the eye and make a favorable impression. But what about what's underfoot? Most trade shows offer a basic cookie cutter carpeted trade show flooring throughout the whole convention center. You wouldn't want that in your own office, and you shouldn't settle for as your trade show booth fooring, not when you can use high quality portable exhibit flooring instead.

Putting down trade show flooring extends the visual impact of your booth and defines your space unambiguously. It also gives your exhibit a more permanent and solid look that creates an aura of professionalism. Our flooring options make it more comfortable for your staff relieving the fatigue of standing on hard floors, so they can focus better on the job of selling your business to visitors.

Interlocking Trade Show Floor Tiles

Your trade show display flooring options have changed over the years from traditional carpet which is still widely used to more modern options such as bamboo flooring and portable interlocking floor tiles. All the flooring basically serves the same function it’s a matter of preference on what suits your exhibiting needs the best. As our company name states we at Exhibe Portable focus on providing portable display options and that’s why currently offer the portable interlocking trade show flooring and trade show carpet tiles. These tiles are eco friendly padded foam tiles that are laminated with carpet, printed wood grain, or custom printed with logo. Provided below is a list of the current product options:

  • Soft Carpet Tile Flooring
  • Soft Tile Trade Show Flooring
  • Soft Wood Trade Show Floors
  • Custom Printed Trade Show Flooring

As you can see there are many different types of trade show floor tiles to choose from. The most basic sort consists of rubber, vinyl, or foam tiles in a variety of colors, edges notched so they can interlock and cover as much space as you require. As mention above you can buy tiles topped with carpeting or sheets of wood-look laminate for a more polished appearance. Looking for a way to further standout and enhance your branding then you should think about custom printed flooring. The manufacturers of trade show floors can print almost anything you want on these tiles -- your business's name or logo, an eye-catching pattern, or whatever other image you can provide. If you don't like tiles, another option is a portable carpet or roll-up bamboo trade show floors. Whatever you choose will help your booth stand out and draw the attention you want and remember trade show booth flooring is not an accessory it’s a necessity for the success of your show.

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