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Trade Show Counters

Trade Show Counters

People think of trade show counters as an accessory item but we look at them as an indispensable attribute for promotion of your business and products. While being highly functional our portable counters offer out-of-sight storage and at the same time they provide a professional appearance for all who approach!

Portable Trade Show Counters

Trade Show Counters are indispensable and highly functional attributes that give an ample storage and professional look



Quality Made Portable Trade Show Counters

It’s vital to your show success that your booth be welcoming and has ample area for attendees to gather and inquire information about your company and services. You can organize such an area if your display is complemented with portable trade show counters that can create a place to communicate, negotiate or demonstrate products.

When you set up a trade show booth you need to meticulously think through all the aspects of its work. It is great to have a nice exhibit that is a focal point of the whole presentation. But only if it is equipped with all proper accessories it will ideally showcase your products, samples, graphics, and whatever else you have to show to the public. And one of such accessories is Exhibe Portable’s quality made counters.

The benefits of Owning a Display Counter

Our Portable counters and podiums have many benefits that make them a perfect addition to your exhibit:

  • Create a place to greet and interact with attendees;
  • Provide a fixed working place for your booth’s staff;
  • Offers and are to place your literature, samples or product;
  • Have a locked out-of-sight storage space;
  • Can be complemented with your branded graphics;
  • Lightweight yet durable;
  • Easy to store, transport and maintain.

Why Chose our Exhibit Counters or Podiums?

One of the most important features of exhibit counters is that they provide plenty of space to organize a working station for the booth’s staff. First of all, trade show reception counters cater for your visitors providing a place which they can easily approach to get information and consultation so they don’t need to browse around your booth looking for somebody to whom they can apply for help. You can be sure that a potential lead won’t leave your display only because he/she didn’t want to walk around looking for a company’s representative. So exhibit counters are requisite if you want to arrange the display's work, greet attendees, direct their flows, and make the communicative process much more effective.

In case of negotiations trade show counters provide enough of space to set several people around. If it is needed you can even shift a counter out of sight if you want to make this process more isolated from the hustle of the display – it is easy to do since all the counters are made of lightweight materials, that, nevertheless, are very durable and will endure years of exploit.

Also booth’s staff can utilize portable display counters as a place for paperwork, where they can process data received during the exhibiting, make some calls, storage business cards obtained at a show and other work that can be done promptly right here without a need to return to an office or look for a place in an expo center where you can sit with a laptop, tablet and phone to make a routine work of the tasks at hand.

Exhibe’s counters and podiums also supply your booth with sufficient space to place company literature such as brochures, catalogues, pamphlets – so attendees can come and take what they want to get acquainted with later, or a booth staff can hand in such a literature. The same principle works with samples and testers. Some products to display also can be placed at a counter so the personnel can demonstrate how it works and offer attendees to try and operate it themselves under the supervision so that it minimizes the risk or breaking or stealing and attendees, in return, feel more comfortable when they are guided through an unfamiliar process. Also a counter’s surface can serve if you want to hold a little tasting, or it can become a point where your visitors can sign up for mailing or a lottery – so you can easily adjust your display counter according to your needs.

Custom Trade Show Cabinets

Every business had unique needs and despite a great selection of products in our catalog you may not find what you are looking for. Don't despair because here, at Exhibe Portable, we can build a counter from the ground up exclusively for your company. We will work with you and come up with a design you require and then we will craft a cabinet to meet your criteria. Whether you need a trade show counter with storage, a locking cabinet or a podium, we can handle it with our custom trade show counters service. You can have a product of any size, design and color pallet you require.

Need A Counter With Storage Or A Reception Area?

Our counters offer ample out-of-sight storage space. It is enough to keep the stock of literature and samples or keep unsightly paperwork from being seen – they will neatly fit inside the stand removing the clutter from your booth. In addition the counters that come with storage have locking doors which are very convenient if you need to put your valuable items somewhere for the night between the show days.

In addition to all the benefits described above they also perform a promotional function. The front part of our display counters can usually have graphics adhered to them. The graphics can help aid in your marketing and branding efforts. Simply send us your custom artwork designed to the specs of the product you want and we will handle the rest.

And the last, but not the least, as we mentioned above, all the display counters are portable. It not only means that they are lightweight but also they are easy to assemble and tear down, convenient to transport and store, no need to provide any special maintenance between the shows.

With their modern design they can suit any presentation, all you need is to add new graphics if needed. And if you need to use such a product for only once there are also rental options. Call us today and we will surely help you find the best counter for your trade show display needs.

Exhibe Portable is Your Reliable Exhibit Counter Vendor

Here, at Exhibe Portable, we have everything it takes to be a reputable trade show supplier - a competent personal, skillful exhibit builders and years of experience under our belt. We have learned the exhibit industry in and out and we surely know how to meet our clients' requirements. Our facilities are located just a stone's throw away from the San Diego downtown. You can always drop by and tell us your trade show podiums needs, Our experienced reps will offer the products to suit you to the T. And if you can't find what you are looking for we can build custom trade show cabinets specifically for your business. Don't hesitate to call us today!

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