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Trade Show Charging Stations

Trade Show Charging Stations

Are you looking for another way to draw people to your display? Try out our trade show charging stations. They will make your booth more welcoming by providing your visitors a chance to power up their devices. Charging stations also create a comfortable space where your visitors can sit down and relax while you can promote your business in the informal ambiance.

Trade Show Charging Stations

Our trade show charging stations will help make your display more welcoming and you bring in more visitors


Power Up Your Cell Phones with Our Charging Stations

Are you looking for new ideas on how to improve your trade show presentation and bring potential clients in? Try out our lightweight portable charging station for cell phones to power up your booth. They are designed to attract attention and create a welcoming ambiance at your display.

In the business world it is critical to always be available to answer work calls or handle clients needs. This is especially vital when you are away from office. For example, at a trade show. And now imagine a situation - you came to such a marketing event and your battery is running low. Wouldn’t it be great if you were given a chance to quickly power your phone up? Luckily, now exhibitors can really set their displays apart by having trade show charging stations installed at their booth to draw more visitors in.

So, the advantages of these items for attendees are clear. But why should you, an exhibitor, invest in purchasing cell phone charging stations?

Why Your Business Should Invest in a Trade Show Charging Station

When competition at a trade show is great, exhibitors do everything possible to attract potential customers and make them stay at a booth to promote their business. A mobile device charging station will definitely make your display more welcoming in the eyes of attendees. This will demonstrate that your company shows attention to the needs of potential clients and is ready to invest time and money to create a positive impression.

It is no doubt that your visitors will be grateful for the opportunity to recharge their devices. And this gratitude can be a decisive factor when these attendees are looking for business partners. Perhaps this is exactly what will allow you to win the hearts of potential clients.

Let Your Visitors Recharge Their Batteries with Event Phone Charging Kiosks

You can pair these trade show booth charging stations with seating to create space at your display where visitors can catch their breath from the frenzied pace of the exhibition, sit down, and relax. The whole day of exhibiting exhausts both physically and emotionally. It is difficult to promote your products and services to a person who is simply tired. But five minutes of rest will allow your visitors to recharge their internal batteries too, and then they will be ready to hear you and retain the information you say. And you, in turn, will be able to promote your brand in a relaxed atmosphere and without significant pressure on the visitor (which always happens when someone is trying too hard to advertise their brand), so that your promotional efforts will be well received by the prospects. And don't forget that events charging kiosks are not only designed to power up devices but they also perform promotional function. These items can have various branding possibilities - graphics, lightboxes, or headers, as you can see with Formulate charging station.

Variety of Configuration and Appearances

Cell phone charging kiosks are available in different configurations and with various appearances. Also, they come in a wide range of sizes. Some of them are pretty compact. For instance, our Round Bar Table is a great portable charging station for cell phones, which can be installed even at a small display. Configuration of some stations includes a built-in portable trade show counter so that such products can perform not only their direct function but also serve as a place where you can put some samples or literature.

With larger iphone charging stations you can arrange as it were a lounge area where visitors can relax for a minute while their phones power up. You can additionally complement such an area with furniture or other items, for example, trade show folding tables or counters, which can be used to showcase your samples or for brief meetings. The main thing is that all trade show charging stations provide branding opportunities. It means that every person who has used a charging kiosk kindly provided by you, will certainly remember the name of your company.

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