When purchasing a display is not an option, we are glad to offer our trade show booth rentals as a solution. When renting one of our products in San Diego you are guaranteed to get an eye-catching display at a very attractive price.

Trade Show Booth Rentals San Diego


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San Diego’s Premiere Trade Show Booth Rentals

Whether your company exhibiting on a budget or you simply don't want to haul your equipment across the United States, our trade show booth rentals program in San Diego will come in handy. Our rental products are designed to reduce exhibiting costs while giving your brand a grand presence.

Being among the leaders of the expo industry with the wealth of knowledge and over 35 years of experience, we know exactly what products will let you shine on the convention floor while keeping your budget safe. Our stands are made in-house or manufactured by our high end vendors to ensure they create a unique and effective experiences for your brand.

Why Choose Our Rental Products

There are many reasons for renting but let’s focus on the most important ones. First of all, we offer only high quality stands. Many of our displays are built the same way we craft our full custom exhibits. When renting from us, you can be sure to get items superior to many other products that can be found in the trade show rental equipment market. And they are definitely 100 times better than what you get by renting from the venue you attend.

Variety of Options

Whether you booked a small spot on the show floor or you are going big with 20' x 20' exhibition space, we have a solution for your needs. Exhibe Portable offers rental booths of virtually any size and configuration including the most popular inline booths and island exhibits. To enhance the look of your display you can compliment it with accessories. We have a robust selection of supporting products such as tables, kiosks, counters, flooring, hanging tension fabric banners as well as audio visual equipment.

Cost Effective

With our extensive knowledge, experience and skills on exhibit construction and graphic production we are able to craft our products efficiently and in the shortest terms. As a result, we offer rental booths of supreme quality and at really attractive prices. This enables you to get an eye-catching piece at a fraction of a cost of buying one.

On top of that, when opting for our rental products you can exclude all expenses associated with storing and shipping booths from the cost of exhibiting. You won’t need a warehouse and people looking after your product. You won’t have to invest in the booths’ refurbish between events and it is definitely cheaper than shipping your displays from the other end of the United States if you are exhibiting in our fine city.

Peace of Mind

With Exhibe, you can rest assured knowing that you are in good hands. In addition to our rental program we can help you with the labor, setup, dismantle and can walk you through the process of ordering exhibition services. Moreover, we can completely handle these processes for you if you wish. Exhibiting can be stressful and our goal is to help eliminate pressure and unforeseen surprises at the stage of preparing for the show. This way you can focus your time on the marketing aspects of your business.

Location is a Key

Our facilities are conveniently located 20 minutes from the San Diego Downtown Convention Center. Therefore, if you need to print graphics at the last minute or want to change out chairs or a counter before the show, we’ve got you covered. You can always come to visit us in our office and personally check our display options out.

Custom Exhibit Rental Program

If you wish to have a unique and memorable look but currently are tight on money Exhibe Portable has a solution. With our custom exhibit rental program will literally create a brand new personalized display for your company According to an agreed contract your company will rent the booth certain amount of times. After this, you will have an option to purchase the display at a discounted price. If you decline the offer, the booth will be added to our rental inventory.

Your in Good Hands

So, when you exhibit in our beautiful city next time give a serious thought to renting a booth. Our display rentals here in San Diego will save your money and help eliminate any stress. When working with our company, you will always know that professionals are taking care of you. So, hurry and call us today to book you exhibit!