Make your presentation stand out with our trade show table covers that are perfectly suited for any marketing events. Let everyone know about your brand by adding a company logo to your table throws and runners. We offer a wide range of contemporary styles, including the very modern UltraFit product line.

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All You need to Know about Exhibe Portable's Table Throws

Even though table throws can seem like minor details for marketing events such as trade shows or career fairs, they can be highly impactful for your brand at such venues. Not only do they conceal metal legs and unsightly trade show tables, which can diminish the charm of your display, but also help provide a space for advertising. Mostly at such promotional events, standing out from the crowd is of the utmost importance. For client’s scrutinizing eyes to find a brand’s display appealing, it is necessary to ensure that a booth area is neat, tidy, and visually soothing. Having on hand custom printed trade show tablecloths can be an important asset when it comes to that.

Modern table covers for marketing events have significantly improved. Today they became a powerful marketing tool to displaying company’s logo, slogan, website URL, or other branded graphics.

Trade show tablecloths have a power to become the focal point of your display. They make a perfect addition to all types of corporate events. By investing in personalized tablecloths, you can create eye-catching displays and building brand awareness in an affordable manner. It is especially important for small businesses that have limited marketing budgets.

We Offer A Variety of Runners, Skirts and Fitted Table Covers

Catering to the ever-changing market demands, trade show tablecloths are now available in a number of different options, sizes, and colors to choose from. From the cheap table throws, such as our economy or basic products, to more expensive customized logo table covers, there are myriad options that are well-suited for an individual or company’s requirements. Here is a brief list of table cover products can be found on our site:

  • Economy table throws provide a comfortable sitting and fast access to the storage space for a very affordable price
  • Fitted table covers snuggle fit around tables to give them a polished and contemporary appearance
  • Ultrafit tablecloths ensure your tables have an ultra-modern curved look
  • Convertible table covers allow easy switching between 6ft and 8ft folding table sizes thanks to the hooks-and-loops technology
  • Satin Tablethrows provide a classic drapy appearance. Your tables will look chic and polished thanks to a subtle satin shin
  • Tabletoppers with your branded images are a budget-friendly solution to conceal an unsightly table surfaces

Trade show table runners, unlike a traditional tablecloth, run down the middle portion of a table only. These runners are mostly used in signing tables or informational kiosks. Table skirts are exactly what they sound like – they do not cover the centerfold and are instead attached or hooked to the sides of the table and conceal the unsightly table legs. In addition, it needs to say that table throws are much more prominently used within event marketing industry. For your presentation, you can choose convertible table throws to do up your table within seconds. These tables of any size tablecloths are very versatile and can stretch to fit as they are made using Velcro strips in the sides. These Velcro strips help in stretching to any size and re-adjusting snugly fitting any table. This prevents you from buying multiple size table covers for various campaigns or events while also making it hassle-free and much more effective to use them.

The latest addition is the more modern trade show fitted table covers which have the power to transform a regular table into an elegant, form-fitting designer show-table. It is completely wrinkle free and stretches to snugly fit a table including legs which have sewn pockets to keep them firmly in place. Once slid in, just zipping it closed is the last step for a trendy and classy display for your trade fair or marketing event.

And if you are looking for an inexpensive or dare I say it cheap table cover try our basic trade show table throws. They have an elegant draped design and come in a variety of colors you can choose from to suit display, and an open back provides comfortable sitting behind a table.

Choose Table Covers Wisely

Inexpensive table linens with poorly designed graphics can degrade the look of displays. Therefore, it is wise to invest in quality-made covers. Fine fabrics plus durable prints will serve you for many years if properly cared for. Good tablecloths have an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years, depending on how frequent you use them, how you maintain and store them.

You can reduce costs of table covers by choosing wrinkle-free fabrics that can be washed in a washing machine. If you use your pieces frequently dry cleaning costs could add up to several hundred dollars.

It's best to choose covers made from polyester. The benefits of this fabric are: it is durable, easy to wash, and wrinkle-free. When folded for storage, polyester fabric doesn't create defined fold lines that can occur with bulkier fabrics such as linen or cotton.

Custom Printed Company Logo Tablecloths

As stated above table throws come in different designs and colors to cater to the branding needs of the individual or company. But to make even a bigger impact a company's logo or brand designs and advertisements can be placed on a custom printed table cloth using heat transfer or dye sub process. Dye sublimation is the process of digitally or electronically printing artwork, logo, designs or photographic images. Also a good option for printing gradient art with more than three colors, dye sub process is a printing process allowing full color prints on white fabric thus enhancing the display appeal to a remarkable extent.

Promotional table cloths are essential for maintaining a classy yet professional outlook for a brand’s display at trade fairs, marketing campaigns or other public events. When it comes to a brand image, it is very important to maintain certain professional standards to appeal to more prospective clients and cater to a better brand retention. That's why nowadays the main priority for companies or individuals in setting up their display is to shift the focus on their brand by the use of custom printed covers and throws because when it comes to a professional exhibit, even the slightest of negligence can cause heavy damage. Company logo tablecloths come with a professional security as well as classy standards thus recurring least risks in public events.

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