Looking for a way to define your booth space? Then don't forget to complement your exhibit with our durable San Diego Trade Show Flooring. We offer a variety of styles to correspond with the look of your display and make the whole unit cohesive.

San Diego Trade Show Flooring


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Marketing Opportunities Under Your Feet

When you organize a marketing event or attend a trade show every single detail is important. As you know, the first thing that visitors notice is your appearance, and this impression is the most lasting. When you hit your venue you may face a damaged, worn out and simply unattractive floor, and be sure that attendees will see it, too. Instead of being ashamed for poor presentation, you can set your business apart by defining your exhibit area with trade show flooring.

Why Complement Your display with Flooring

Hands down, crisp and attractive trade show booth flooring is like a last piece of a puzzle you were looking for to complete a whole picture. Not only does it conceal beat-up covers in the expo centers but it can also tie all the elements of your presentation together and create a cohesive look. There are myriads of styles and colors available enabling you to choose an option to correspond with a whole appearance of your display. All in all, there are so many reasons to buy exhibition flooring, we will name just a few of them.

  • Event flooring helps to create a display with a striking appearance;
  • It mask imperfections of an expo floor;
  • Trade show carpet tiles highlight your exhibition area helping to gain more attention;
  • The floors are designed with shock-absorbing underplaying that helps reducing fatigue from standing all day long;
  • Multiple stiles are available to choose from;
  • For a greater impact, you can lay a floor with a custom printed image or logo;
  • Trade show flooring is easy to take care of, it is spill and water resistant;
  • Trade show carpets are manufactured with a use of innovative materials that are lightweight and durable at the same time;
  • Flooring can be installed in mere minutes thanks to its portable design.

We Carry a Great Assortment of Trade Show Flooring Products

We don’t offer boring cookie-cutter items most exhibitors are fed up with. Our range or products is designed to deliver the best exhibition solutions around. Specifically for exhibition flooring we offer several designs, among which are:

  • Interlocking trade show flooring – it comes in 2’ x 2’ pieces with locks that put together like a puzzle. Such a construction allows for fast assembly and a perfectly smooth surface. Trade show flooring tiles have thick underplaying designed to provide comfort for your staff and visitors.
  • Rollable trade show booth flooring – creates a seamless cover within a few seconds. You are able to choose from multiple styles that carry natural patterns. The surface is water proof and easy to maintain. When rolled up, the carpets are very easy to transport and store.
  • Bamboo flooring – made with a use of natural bamboo plates for those exhibitors who are in the running for a green look. In this item, natural materials are blended with innovative manufacturing process which allowed creating a very practical product. It has a soft felt pad preventing skidding and reducing fatigue.
  • Custom event flooring – provides an extra advertising space right under your feet. You can have your logo or any other image printed to add your presentation more individuality. Also, it allows for greater cohesiveness between your booth and the floor.

No matter what option is to your liking, you can be sure it will serve you during many years. All our products come with 1-year warranty.

Exhibe Portable is Your Reliable Supplier in San Diego

We found our passion in helping marketers and exhibitors to succeed in their endeavors. That’s why we offer not only world-class products but also back them up with excellent service. You can talk to our knowledgeable stuff about any items that caught your eye and you can be sure to get exhaustive information. We always go great lengths to please our clients whether it is a streamline order process through our site, our highly competitive prices or a great variety of products we offer.

If you want to get a first-hand experience you are always welcome in our office. We are located just 20 minutes away from San Diego Conventional Center. Whenever you exhibit in our beautiful city, let Exhibe Portable become your reliable supplier. We can safe your time and money and guarantee a trouble-free experience.