San Diego Step and Repeat Banners

Whenever you organize a business, charity or glam event, think of the ways to promote your company. We offer a simple but practical solution to showcase your brand. Our San Diego step and repeat banners are budget-friendly but effective displays to use for numerous occasions. These backdrops are designed to grab attention which is especially important in this social media world we live in.

Step and Repeat Banners

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Quality made step and repeat backdrops

We are all familiar with red carpet events. They lure a lot of celebrities who pose to an army of zealous photographs. For this purpose, organizers often allocate a zone for photo shoots with a step and repeat background. While featuring sponsors' and partners' logos, they provide a great opportunity to advertise an events as well as brands associated with it. Also, occasions such as conferences and conventions usually involve speeches of invited speakers who often expound their ideas on a background of step and repeat banner.

To put it simply, step and repeat backdrop is a background behind a person or group of people who are objects of attention from the public. It is printed in repeating patterns that showcase brands, sponsors’ logos or emblems which normally come in symmetry or tabular form. Step and repeat backdrops and banners are often interchangeably used but there is a little difference that sets them apart. Banners are smaller in size and allow fewer angles of shots while backdrops are larger and make brand’s logo or emblem visible from every angle.

Step and repeat Backgrounds are not restricted to companies alone. They are as well used by individuals in capturing important occasions in their lives such as weddings , birthday parties, family or school reunions, media product, and many others.

Reasons to invest in a step and repeat banner

Whenever a business has an extra channel to market its name, trade mark or logo, it should take it. Red carpet or business events are just among such opportunities. Placing your logo in one frame with a celebrity or a big fish of a business world will ensure additional recognition for your brand. Among other benefits of step and repeat backdrops are:

  • They guarantee maximum exposure for a longer period;
  • They are very easy to set up and remove;
  • These stands are cost effective and offer good value for money;
  • They catch the attention of customers at seminar, conferences, expositions, and training;
  • Step and repeat banners stylishly display a company’s brand; this is a budget-friendly alternative compared to advertisement via expensive print media;
  • These items help to garner attention of the audience towards a speaker. This increases the level of focus during a meeting or lectures.
  • They also serve as a background for taking selfies which, when posted on social media, will boost the image of company and promote its brand.

Exhibe portable- a Leader in the Market of Lightweight Displays

There are many businesses that supply step and repeat banners in San Diego but Exhibe Portable stands out the most. Being founded in 2005 as a division of Exhibe Corporation, our company has quickly become an industrial leader serving clients’ need in the San Diego Country. With over 35 years of experience of the parent company and some of the greatest people among our staff, we know all the exhibitors’ every requirement. If for some reason you can’t find a booth in our assortment that suits you to a T, we are glade to offer our services on designing and crafting your own display with an individual look. You can be sure to get a stand with a memorable appearance and great functionality for a surprisingly affordable price.

Why You Should Buy from Exhibe Portable

We offer cost-effective portable products such as step and repeat backdrops, banners, pop up displays, modular booths, outdoor exhibits as well as a large selection of accessories. Our company thrives on customer satisfaction and we value our every client as well. For your convenience, we built a use-friendly site where you can view our products and services. If you didn’t find what you were looking for you can always give us a call and we’ll go the extra mile to serve you the best. We will also be glade to see you in our office that is just a stone’s throw away from the beautiful downtown of San Diego.