San Diego pop up trade show displays is a budget-friendly yet effective solution to showcase your products and brand. They feature large graphic murals to spread your marketing message across the show floor. Plus, they are a breeze to set up thanks to the accordion style frame.

San Diego Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Portable Pop Up Displays in San Diego

If you are looking to invest in some exhibition supplies, expand your booth options, or get started in the event marketing, then we have got you covered. Our San Diego Pop Up Trade Show Displays are capable of becoming an eye-catching central element of your presentation. You will be surprised to know how affordable these stands are. Our assortment carries plenty of portable items, from exhibits with classic appearance to more contemporary looking Xclaim booths. We also have a multitude of other great portable products to spruce up your exhibition displays including counters, lighting, shipping cases, etc.

Why Trade Show Pop Up Display Are the Answer

Pop up display stands are a perfect fit for trade shows and expo events because they are lightweight, economically priced and easy to transport and setup. We offer products suitable for any space including table-top, 8ft, 10ft and 20ft exhibits. With easy assembly and a professional appearance, our pop up booth displays will work great as a standalone unit or you can pair them with accessories items that are sure to add more appeal.

Getting Trade Show Ready

When preparing for your next big convention or marketing event, making sure your exhibits are looking their best is certainly on your list of priorities. Exhibe has over 35 years of experience and we know our industry in and out. Exhibe Portable was created to provide a specialized service to meet rising demands for easy-to-use display items. Having an exhibition exhibit that is a breeze to set-up and transport and which carries a great appearance as well, will make any event run smoother.

Why Choose Our Products

Exhibe Portable offers a variety of shapes and sizes of pop up trade show displays to suit your needs, with quality aluminum frames, collapsible hardware, LED lighting and Velcro-compatible fabric and graphic panels, all stored and protected in a transport case. All of our pop up booths are proudly made in America. While other vendors may offer imported knock-offs, our original products ensure great quality confirmed with warranties. Customizing your stand with accessories and graphics will help grab more attention of attendees, and their versatility makes these pieces great for trade shows.

We are Here to Help

Our pop up display stands are incredibly popular. Once you test waters with one of our portable items you are surely to come back and upgraded to a larger display. Our location is perfect if you are heading to the San Diego Downtown Convention Center, as we are located just 20 minutes away, so last minute changes and issues can be resolved easily and quickly.

Ease of Mind

As your local San Diego provider, coming by to visit our showroom and get product demos is easy. Exhibitions can be a stressful experience and of course you want things to go their best, so we are here to help things run as smoothly as possible. We value our customers and will do our best to suit your needs, whatever budget or unique ideas you have in mind! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about our trade show stands. You can contact us by phone or use a chat on our website.