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Custom Logo Tablecloths

When companies participate in promotional events they don’t contempt any opportunity to sport their logo, branding or other images associated with the company or its goods. In this terms table covers are viewed as one of the means to put a branded image on. Our Custom logo tablecloths do not only serve as a promotional tool but gives your presentation an attractive look and professional feel. With the proper design these covers will aid in long-term brand indenity and retention

Making a Branded Logo Table Cover

Thanks to technology, trade show table covers have drastically improved. Today, they have become works of art; allowing companies to display their logo, slogan, website URL, or graphics of their product line. Gone are the day of basic colored cloths printed with iron-on block letters.

Today's trade show table covers have become a powerful marketing tool. They are often the focal point at product display booths and make a perfect addition to all types of corporate events. Regardless of their use, investing in custom designed tablecloths is an affordable way to create stunning displays while building brand awareness.

Small businesses with limited marketing budgets often find personalized tablecloths offer an affordable way to share their marketing message.

Creating a striking trade show booth is an expensive venture requiring tables, product display units, brochure racks, banners, signs, lighting, and portable flooring. While these items can add luster to a booth, they are often cost-prohibitive for small enterprises.

Cheap cloths with poorly designed graphics can degrade the look of displays, so it is smarter to invest in quality table covers. Not only do high-quality custom designed tablecloths present a professional image, but they will also last several years if properly cared for.

The average cost of screen printed tablecloths is also a consideration. There will be additional fees for design setup, ink colors, and printing charges. Costs might be kept to a minimum by selecting 1 or 2 ink colors. Quality tablecloths have an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years, depending on a frequency of use, environmental conditions, and storage techniques.

Another way to reduce costs of trade show table covers is to select wrinkle-free fabrics that can be washed.If table covers are frequently used or if businesses have multiple tablecloths, dry cleaning costs could add up to several hundred dollars.

Custom Printed Table Runners For Cheap

You already own a trade show table cover? You can spruce its look up by combining it with custom printed table runner. These runners come in multiple sizes and can have your logo or graphic printed on them. The range of these products is wide, so you can easily select what fits your marketing needs to budget. We also offer cheap table runners with a quality that will pleasantly surprise you. We offer products that will serve you many years despite their inexpensive cost.

It's best to purchase covers made from polyester. This fabric is very durable, easy to clean, washable, and wrinkle-free. When folded for storage, polyester doesn't create the defined fold lines that can occur with bulkier fabrics such as linen or cotton.

When shopping for custom trade show table cloths, it is important to compare apples to apples.Saving a few dollars upfront often costs businesses more in the long run because they have to order new tablecloths each year.

It is also vital to work with firms who have professional graphic designers on staff. This is even more crucial when having logo tablecloths made. Recreating a corporate logo and transferring the design to a large table covering requires skills only trained artisans can accomplish.

Company logos are the most effective branding tool. Turning logos over to inexperienced designers often provides a product that looks homemade. This is not the image any company should offer when building brand awareness.

Last, but not least, it is important to plan ahead when custom designed tablecloths are required. The process to create designs and transfer them to large pieces of fabric typically takes two weeks or longer. It is best to order trade show table covers a minimum of 30 days before they are needed.

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If you would like to evaluate the quality of our custom logo tablecloths products in person and see how they function we invite you to visit our showroom conveniently located 25 minutes from the San Diego Downtown Convention center. We enjoy meeting our guests face to face since it gives us the the full understanding of their needs and requirements so that we can serve them better.