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Graphic Upload Section

We accept your graphic files in the following formats: FTP, Web Upload, Email, CD or DVD. We do ask that you compress the files before sending over, this will help reduce the overall file size during the file transfer process. Please include any necessary files that are pertinent to completing the job or jobs such as the fonts, logos, layouts and color callouts if needed. After sending any graphic files to us we recommend you call 1-800-725-5893 or email your account rep letting them know that you have sent us files.


If you are not experienced with FTP it’s a file transfer program that allows you to transfer your files from your server to ours. FTP is great way to transfer files especially larger sized files. In fact we recommend any file size over 2GB be transferred through this process. In order to use FTP you will have to download a File Transfer Protocol software program. A couple of programs we have used in the past are Core FTP, FileZilla and Fetch. Once the software is installed you will need to connect with our servers and you can do so with the following information below.

FTP Settings:
Site Name: Exhibe
Click on anonymous to set the user and password for you
Port Setting: 21
Click PASV
Press Connect

You should see three folders once connected select the incoming folder and transfer your files to here. Please have your company name in the file names so we know who files are associated with.


Using our graphic upload section is probably the fastest and most convenient way to send us files. However if you are sending files larger then 2GB we would recommend sending through our FTP. The process is pretty simple: clicking the graphic upload button you will be taken to a new webpage and once on the new page follow the instruction there.



We can accept some smaller files through email but is not the best method for transferring files. Larger files will often get bounced back due to the sheer size of the files but if this is method you prefer we ask you to zip/compress all your files together in one folder. Send your email to your Exhibe account rep they will be the one managing the project for you.

Please include the information stated below in your email along with your attached artwork:

Your Name
Company Name
Phone number
Project Description
File Name(s )


You can deliver your graphic media files to us on CD or DVD however this process usually takes longer since we have to wait on the Delivery of the CD or DVD. We understand if this is the method you prefer and fell more comfortable doing. Simply mail or deliver the CD or DVD to:

Attn “Your Exhibe Rep’s Name”
Exhibe Corporation
340 Vernon Way Suite H
El Cajon, CA 92020

When sending please include your name, phone number, company name, email address, and project description.

Graphic Info

"Thank you so much! We really appreciate your promptness in which you expedited the order. With such great customer service, you can be assured that we will gladly place any future orders with your company."
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Aeronix, Inc.

"I want to take a moment and thank you for providing such a great service. The entire experience was impeccable and I was really happy with the end product. It came out just like we imagined it! I will definitely recommend your services to others!"
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