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Exhibition Truss Systems

Trade show truss systems were created to satisfy exhibitors’ needs in highly-functional, attractive and durable displays. In fact we can call them booths of new generations because with all their impressive heavy-duty appearance they still remain portable and easy to maintenance. And what is the most valuable in these exhibits is that they can be reconfigurable depending on your requirements and be used at multiple different events.

Modular Trade Show Display Structures

To meet the various needs of companies, manufacturers of trade show exhibits make sure they meet the broad range of needs their clients have. They came up with this new product, a truss display, which provides a bigger impact and unique graphic look that stands out when used at a trade show display and is attention-grabbing for any visitors and potential customers.

An exhibition truss system has graphic panels of various shapes that are perfect for displaying large custom printed graphics. Not only do these booths provide a vast surface for you message, they also enhance the effect of entire presentation due to truly unique shapes that are so rarely can get only using traditional trade show displays. Moreover, most truss exhibits are design the way that your graphics are displayed at 360 degrees so every visitor in an expo center can view them.

Another important aspect you need to know about trade show truss displays is that they are highly versatile and modular. This means that your display can evolve as you gain your trade show experience. You can start with a simple 10ft. booth and with time, by adding more elements to it, turn it into a real gem at a trade show. All the metal elements of truss exhibits are interchangeable and can be added and combined with other truss displays.

When you purchase such a display it is like having a real exhibit truss kit. Even basic truss booths come with accessories you need for virtually every show, for instance, table tops, display mounts, light, counters, literature stands and more. You can add more accessories if you wish, interchange them with other truss displays, a modular nature of this trade show product allow you to adjust your booth according to your needs.

Our Truss Booths are an Embodiment of Portability

Looking at these displays with metal frames and multiple graphic panels you may think they may be hard to set up and require lots of tools. Luckily, design wise exhibition truss systems offer an elegant solution using quick-lock connectors to provide a quick assemble.

Truss booths offer smart decisions when it comes to shipping and storing. Displays are easily disassembled and in a tore down condition they take not as much space as you could think such tremendous exhibits may need. So despite their staggering look and sturdy metal frame elements, truss systems are truly portable. In addition you can put the whole display in a shipping case that comes with the products.

Having a trade show truss display fitted with the proper graphics give you a real chance to stand out. By investing in a good display, visitors and potential customers will have a clear idea of what services and products you company offers. By getting the attention of potential clients with just one glance, you can manage to lure in more leads for the growth of you business.