Different Types of Truss Displays

Companies from all over the world attend trade shows and industry exhibitions. At these mega events they show off their products to potential customers and gain leads for the next season as well. Businesses can be seen implementing a number of methods to attract the attention of potential clients. Starting from big banners to hiring models for showcasing their products and from company t-shirts to stickers placed in car bumpers, companies have been experimenting on a number of techniques for the past couple of decades to lure customers into buying their products. These experiments also concerned trade show products. In the chase for bringing in more visitors attendants demanded new improved types of booths with impressive appearance and portable characteristics. And this is how truss displays came into existence.

Types of Truss displays

Truss displays are available in a number of shapes and sizes that are able to meet demands of all the exhibitors. Here we offer a brief review on the most popular ones.

Orbital Truss

This type of truss displays gained the most popularity and recognition in the market. This system is used to fix round flex, which gives the customer a 360-degree view of a company’s display.

Cross Wire Truss

A lightweight truss system that usually comes in the form of a square or rectangle and is used to support plasma screens or flat screen displays. Such a truss display is available in a wide variety of sizes.

Folding Truss

As The folding truss is one of the most portable options among them all and can be transported very easily. It is used to support monitors, lighting and many other trade show accessories.


This type of a truss display is constructed by assembling several original trusses, and they are generally used for supporting lights and other heavy equipment at concerts and events.

Car Exhibition Truss

Car dealers use this type of truss displays to show off new models at trade shows. Car exhibition truss booths usually have rectangular shape and they enclose a car from all sides. One of the sides is used for displaying banners and other advertisement means and the rest to allow entry into a vehicle.

Decorative Truss

A decorative truss is usually used for weddings and other social gatherings to provide shelter in outdoors. These types of trusses contain rows and columns and are used for supporting decorations, lights, and other equipment.

Display Booth Truss

These trusses are used in exhibitions to set up a temporary display. They contain space for installing monitors, setting up tables and chairs and add shelves if necessary.

Light Truss

A light truss can be seen at concerts or events where heavy equipment needs to be attached for a long period of time. These are heavy duty trusses and can withstand a lot of loads.

Banner Truss

These banner trusses are specifically designed for having advertisement graphics and are generally square or rectangular in shape.

Utilizing a truss exhibit for your event have many advantages, the most important of them is ability to attract more and more customers to your display, so wait no more and get a Truss booth for your trade show needs!