Participating in trade shows can be a great way of exposing your brand to your target audience, finding new customers, and making more sales. When it comes to trade show displays, there is a general belief that “bigger is better”. After all, bigger trade show displays “pop” visually and can be more enticing. Bigger exhibits tend to have a lot on offer and showcase a range of products, often attracting trade show goers in droves. When you first start exhibiting, you may find yourself on a budget, making the best out of smaller and portable displays. However, when your budget increases, it may finally be worth investing in a larger booth.

How do you know when to make that leap of faith and upgrade? Here’s what you need to consider before you make your mind up:

Can your budget allow having a bigger display?

The biggest factor to keep in mind is the cost. Can your budget really support upgrading to a larger exhibit for your trade show efforts? You don’t want to spend more than you can truly afford, so you need to think about it before making any commitments. Keep this in mind as we cover a number of other factors you need to consider.

Test with a small, portable display first.

Using a smaller, portable display initially will determine if trade shows are the best option for your brand. You should use your portable booths as a way to test audience response, sales uptake etc. If you aren’t bringing in much in terms of sales after testing different variables with your less expensive, smaller display, then investing in a bigger exhibit is probably not a good idea. Alternatively, if success is found, then a bigger display can help you to perform even better!  Prove that trade shows work for you and your business before upgrading.

Are you making the most of your available space?

Do you have enough items and literature available in order to utilize the space on a larger booth? If there are spaces for iPads, do you have enough to fill the space? Consider the frames and panels. Will you be able to purchase the graphics for them? A bigger space means more items to decorate/fill it with - which means more money spent. If you don’t have a lot on offer, then a bigger display would just be wasted space (and money!) You don’t need to go for the largest exhibit available to make an impact.

Bigger space does not automatically mean more sales, especially if you are not using the space wisely. However, if you are confident that you can make most of the extra room, then it is probably an appropriate time to upgrade.

Does your trade show space allow placing a bigger display?

You should also enquire as to if the trade show can accommodate a bigger exhibit. If your usual trade shows only have a specific amount of spaces available, then make sure they can accommodate your new and improved booth before splashing down the cash. Nothing would be more embarrassing than buying a trade show display that is too big to use where you need it!

Can your new exhibit correspondent with your image?

It is also important to make sure that the style and aesthetic of your newer, bigger display is actually in-keeping with your existing branding and the image you are trying to portray with your business. Some people opt for booths that might be impressive in size and function, but which do not convey the right image for their brand.

It all comes back to cost

Finally, we’ll go back to the cost as that is probably the most important factor. By now you should know that trade shows involve some significant expenditure (but hopefully a positive ROI that makes it all worth the effort!).

Starting with a portable display will allow you to spend a small amount compared to a larger booth; perfect for small budgets. An exhibit upgrade should only be considered if the budget is there, and you have already seen potential through success with the smaller display.

All of these details need to be considered if you want to maximize your ROI. Bigger booths will cost more, but if you know you have a target audience at specific trade shows and have already had great success with a smaller display, you can see an amazing return on your investment.

How do you know you’re ready to upgrade? If you’ve already managed to generate good results with a basic exhibit, and you’re confident that you can make the most of additional space and features, then talk to the Exhibe team today about how you can make the leap of faith into a bigger, better display.

Still not sure? Consider renting a trade show exhibit! Exhibe Portable have displays that measure up to 20 x 20 available to rent, saving you money if you don’t feel like purchasing anything right away.