Trade shows exist not only to advertise new products, but also to introduce new technology and ideas formerly unseen by the public. But for those exhibits to successfully promote their new products, the exhibits themselves need to attract prospective customers. This is conventionally done through free samples. promo item giveaways, contest, games and more. But as of late, there has been a new trend among trade show booths: interactivity.

If current trends continue into the future, interactivity will play a big part. Virtual reality, more immersive entertainment and new ways of controlling the technology around you are becoming a staple of modern consumer products. So it only makes sense to incorporate that level of connectivity into the display designs that showcase these products.

While trade shows that involve cars often have the sense of interactivity giving people a chance to sit inside the vehicle and perhaps turn the ignition or try out the new windscreen wipers, this has seldom transmitted to other industries very well. The end result is usually an exhibit where visitors can look at the products and perhaps pick them up, but not much they can do besides this.

Lately, companies have realized this and have prioritized making their exhibits more fun and enticing to potential customers.

iPad StandTire company Michelin recently hosted an exhibit where people could “be the tire,” by entering a simulation machine that lets you feel the bumps, dips and textures of the road the same way a tyre would. The end result was a fun and very unique experience that most likely boosted the company’s sales to some extent. Whether it be from the enjoyable exhibit, or the publicity that exhibit automatically created.

This level of ingenuity has translated rather well with more technology-based shows. Not too long ago at a certain gaming convention, the hosts provided an exhibit where visitors could try out the games on a multitude of consoles, ranging from mobile devices to full-fledged gaming computers.

Not only did this attract customers by allowing them to participate in something fun, but it also showcased that the company was able to distribute their games onto all the platforms that customers may own, making their products ever-more appealing.

Virtual reality has made its way into the market in an unprecedented way, moving through the mobile device industry into gaming consoles and movies. This has also given companies an opportunity to showcase their products by taking potential customers into their world in an immersive way. VR makes use of two very prominent human senses, which in turn helps empower companies to connect with prospective customers like never before.

There are other recently implemented methods that have been used to attract potential clients. From smells and scents to sights and sounds, immersion is the name of the game. Giving potential customers the opportunity to get a proper feel for the product is half the job, stimulating them and giving them a reason to tell their friends and colleagues has also proven to provide a significant commercial advantage.

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