Trade shows provide marketers an excellent opportunity to reach new clients with information about their products and services. With a yearly revenue of over 12 billion dollars, trade shows represent one of the most profitable marketing strategies available.

To stand out at while exhibiting, it's important to have an engaging exhibit that prospects will want to visit. Pop up displays are a great option for exhibitors who want an easy way to make their booth space look great.

There is a number of factors that made trade show pop up display so in demand. Let's take a look at these factors to learn how beneficial pop up booths can be at your next show.

Simplistically Fabric

A basic fabric display is one of our favorite pop ups. These displays are versatile because they allow the exhibitor to present different graphics and images based on the needs of a particular expo.

Also, these booths are made from sturdy, long-lasting materials. This means that they'll be able to hold up to a busy traveling schedule.

Table Top Displays

To draw potential clients to your booth, it's important to have your items prominently displayed. A table top pop up provides a great back drop to complement your exhibit space and creates an inviting atmosphere for attendees that is favorable for promoting your brand. A well organized display will make it easy for prospects to engage and see the cool promotional items and business collateral you have to give away.

Highlight Your Brand Through Graphics

The whole point of giving away freebies at a trade show is to grow your brand identity. Giving branded items to potential customers will help them remember you better.

Another great way to develop your brand at trade shows is to outfit your booth with engaging graphics. For instance, you can get a display made with fabric featuring custom graphics. This is an excellent way to make your display look beautiful and to highlight your brand.

Lightweight And Portable Displays

One of the best features of pop up displays is that they tend to be lighter in weight and are easy to set up and tear down. This is especially important for marketers who are traveling to trade shows alone and have to handle all materials by themselves.

Many pop ups fold down into compact carrying cases, which makes them easy to transport. You could also ship your display to your destination. Some cases even convert into a podium for your exhibit.

Highly Flexible

If you're new to the trade show marketing circuit, chances are you stick to the 10' x 10' booth space. As your company grows, however, you may find yourself quickly outgrowing that area.

Luckily pop up exhibits make it convenient to expand your display. The structure of these booths is so simple that you can easily add another section to them. You can even upgrade the shape of your display by adding such elements as corners or curves.

Choosing the Right Pop Up Displays for Your Trade Show

Pop displays are an economical and highly effective tool for any serious trade show marketer. They are able to help fulfill any goal a company sets within a marketing strategy. A product that is very efficient, easy to handle and durable, it makes an exhibitor's life a breeze.

If you'd like to get more information about pop up displays you can use for your next trade show, contact us. We'll help you find the perfect product for your needs.