Setting up a trade show exhibit requires substantial planning and preparation. While this may initially seem to be a daunting task for those who are less experienced, being organized before the event will make setting up a smooth and rewarding process (and result in better outcomes for your business). There are many aspects to consider before setting up your trade show exhibit. This includes things like transportation arrangements, staff, rent, promotion material and equipment.

When it comes to trade show exhibiting, organization doesn’t just mean getting everything sorted before the event kicks off. An equally important part of being organized (and seeing results from it) is how you actually use your exhibit space, and what items you use to keep everything neat and tidy.

Remember that you only have a very short time in which to make a great first impression with potential clients and customers. If they walk past your exhibit or display area and see an unorganized, jumbled sea of documents, giveaway items, marketing literature and more, then what message does this send about your brand? It certainly doesn’t send a good message! On the other hand, a tidy and clutter-free exhibit (as well as well-presented staff) can do wonders for getting foot traffic to convert into leads and paying customers.

So what sorts of items can help you to be properly organized for your next trade show?

Certain components that are especially important for trade show exhibits. Tables for example are essential to any exhibit and having the right one can mean the difference between a sturdy surface to display your products and a nightmare where the legs can barely hold the items above them. Exhibe Portable provides a great range of premium tables for you to choose from, including larger units such as the 6ft Showgoer Folding Table and the more compact Bar Height Round Table.

While purchasing premium trade show exhibit equipment may seem trivial to less experienced individuals, consider the fact that you will most likely host a multitude of exhibits over the lifetime of your career. After all, trade shows are essential for many start-ups and successful businesses alike as they are highly effective at promoting your brand. Having premium products will save you money in the long run and effectively increase the appeal that your exhibit will have to your potential customers. And with premium products from Exhibe Portable, you’ll be set to exhibit for a long time to come!

Literature display stands are another essential for any trade show exhibit that has papers or books to give to potential customers. Exhibe Portable has a multitude of assorted stands that sport premium, attractive builds and support any type of literature. From more stylish stands that focus on quality, such as the Victory, to more practical stands such as the 10 Up, Exhibe Portable has them all. This is another aspect of organization at trade show exhibits that should not be overlooked.

literature rack

Trade show counters are another item that is popular with successful exhibitors, and can really help you to organize your marketing material. With counters you will often find space to store marketing material inside, ensuring it is close at hand but also keeping a clutter-free, aesthetically-pleasing appearance. Once again, the team at Exhibe Portable are your trusted source for the best trade show counters, and we can advise on how you can best use them as well.

There are many other pieces of equipment that you can implement in your exhibit that will create a more organized and clutter-free environment. This aspect of exhibiting is often overlooked as exhibitors usually opt for whatever makeshift equipment they can find at the last minute. For many exhibitors, organization is just something you do before the show begins - not during the all-important customer interaction phase.  Exhibe Portable features a large selection of premium trade show equipment at great prices. Ensuring that you buy quality components that will last for many trade show exhibits to come will be highly beneficial to your business in the long run.

Go into every trade show prepared for success by being organized and efficient, and you’ll come out ahead of the competition! Remember that proper organization for trade show marketing consists of two main elements. The first is getting “all your ducks in a row” before you begin exhibiting. From getting staff sorted through to ensuring you actually have an exhibition space booked, nothing should be overlooked here.  The second crucial element is actually organizing your exhibition space so that it conveys a positive brand message and helps you to achieve your marketing goals. Exhibe Portable stocks a range of products that can help you with this aim, and can also provide actionable advice and insights to help you succeed with trade show marketing.