A company's display is one of the first things attendees pay attention to at trade shows. The visitors will definitely notice an appealing booth with a creative design. But sometimes having an innovative exhibit is not enough. A great exhibition display is a piece that is not only visually engaging but also welcoming. It should draw people in like a magnet and make them feel comfortable. In this article we talk about trade show products that will help make your booth more accessible.

Let's start with identifying some factors that might keep your display from being welcoming. Poor quality of directing traffic flow causing congested and cramped quarters can make you booth physically less appealing to the masses. Furthermore, when you staff members are not easy to find your visitors may feel less important and this will make them move on to the next display.

How can you solve these issues? For a start, you can equip your exhibiting space in a way that your guests can easily navigate and move freely around your display. Besides this, and all the necessary information about products and services you showcase should be readily available. And finally, your guests should be able to clearly identify staff members.

Trade Show Counters

Now we have come down to the most important part - how to make your display welcoming and comfortable for visitors to stay. There should be a sufficient number of booth staff at a display that can freely move and communicate with attendees. Additionally, you can allocate a reception area by using a trade show counter or table. Such an area can improve the display's space and make it more convenient and versatile. A counter can become a focal point for your booth where people can gather and obtain more information about your company. Additionally, you can use it as a workstation if your personnel needs to fill out papers, enter or process data, and interact with attendees.

Storage Space

Cabinets have another benefit - most of them are equipped with a storage space where you can keep stocks of literature, samples, giveaways, etc.

A clean tidy booth will make a positive impression among your guests, unlike displays that are cluttered with piles of brochures, flyers, catalogs and other stuff.

When purchasing a new booth or thinking about adding on to your current display remember that storage space is an important factor that is often underestimated.

Tables and Covers

Tables, especially larger trade show tables can be beneficial as well. They provide many of the same advantages as counters. Additionally, they can be adorned with a branded custom printed table cover that makes it look great and provides a hidden storage are under the table. Plus a table gives you an opportunity to create a seating area for meetings or a place for potential clients to rest when looking over your business collateral.

Charging Stations

Trade Show Charging Stations

Another type of display that is newer to the industry is mobile charging stations. Basically they are counters or tables with integrated USB charging ports to let your visitors power up their devices while visiting your display and conversing with your staff. These products have all the benefits of tables and counters, but more advanced, tailored to the needs of your visitors. You will agree that if your prospects urgently need a recharge and you come to the rescue, they will leave with a good impression about your company.

We Are Here To Help

Now you see how important it is to make potential clients fell more welcomed and create good traffic flow throughout your booth space. Therefore, you can understand the value of tables, counters. and mobile charging stations. They not only help with the organizing of your exhibit but also provide storage place and proper meeting areas.

Are you interested in making your display more welcoming? Exhibe Portable is here to help. Whatever items you may need for your trade show marketing activities, you can find them at our website. We offer a wide range of trade show products capable of satisfying requirements of any exhibitor, and the price will pleasantly surprise you.