One of the most effective ways to get exposure for your business - and the services or products you offer - is by trade show marketing. You'll gain exposure to hundreds of potential clients, get insights into your competition, and have access to other resources that can help you in the future.

Exhibiting can come in many different formats, with a huge variety of types of exhibits. The options are endless when it comes to trade show displays, from booths to portable displays and beyond.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? However, there is a snag!

One of the biggest things that businesses struggle with when it comes to trade show marketing is their budget. Smaller businesses especially have this issue since trade show displays are usually expensive and require additional budget adjustments for upgrades and maintenance costs. Displays and their constituent components can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But don't get too discouraged; the bright side is there is always a way to cut down the costs to fit your budget without looking cheap!

Here is how to exhibit at a trade show on a low budget:

1.  Rental exhibits.Other than looking great rental products will help to save your budget. The cost of trade show booth rentals is generally 1/3 or what you would be paying to purchase a display. Not to mention additional savings on drayage, storage fees, and cost of maintenance. So whether you are new to exhibiting and want to test the market out before buying or a veteran that desires to look grand without investing too much, rentals options are exactly what you are looking for. However, if you exhibit frequently, the cost of owning a display may be lower in the end, so bear that in mind when opting for different options.

2.  Buy used. From full exhibits to just parts and pieces, you can often find used or refurbished equipment for a lower price. For example, consider getting furniture second hand, or look on eBay for cheap mint condition TV sets.

3.  Go digital. Print media offers less variety, durability, and effectiveness when it comes to exhibiting at trade shows. By using digitals screens and slides, you can easily update content for a fraction of the cost it would take to print all new graphics and messages.  This is especially important to consider if you are going to be creating marketing collateral that will need to change on a frequent basis.

4.  Start donating. Anything that cost a pretty penny that you donate after the trade show can be written off, so the only cost was the initial fee, and you're reimbursed later for the repurchase of the items. This can help cut down on shipping and storage fees, especially if you get free shipping from the supplier directly to the trade show venue.

5.  Buy with re-usability in mind. A common novice mistake for trade show marketers is purchasing exhibit items that aren’t reusable for future shows. Whether it’s a bespoke furniture item that only fits in one particular exhibit space, or something as small as using fresh flowers (when you could buy artificial ones) there is a huge cost involved in buying trade show equipment that is only fit for a single use. Always ensure that whatever you purchase will be able to be reused time and time again, in order to cut down costs.

There are plenty of ways to cut down the costs of exhibiting without losing any quality or functionality in your trade show displays. Exhibe Portable offers several options, from banners to full rentals with reasonable prices, as well as expert ideas and suggestions for saving money and time on your next trade show. Talk to our friendly team today and find out just how effective (and affordable) trade show marketing can be!