Top 5 Benefits of Truss Display Systems

Suitable To Be Used For Nearly Every Event.

As the main characteristics of truss systems Are portability and modularity, it means basically two things – you can add multiple shapes to a display (or other piece) you build using the same parts; and second – they are light and easy to put together and tear down. As an example, you are a seasoned exhibitor and this week you attend a big annual show with thousands of visitors from different sides of a country. You want to show yourself at best so you prepare a nice looking large and sophisticated 20x20 display appropriate for this event. But when the show is over what to do with such a massive booth? The right answer is to use it again at any appropriate occasion. If your next event only has room for a 10x10 truss trade show booth it is not a problem – these truss exhibits are easily reconfigurable to fit in any space and can be used at a wide range of events – from concerts to sports competition. And despite their size they are not bulky or unwieldy – they are like a Lego set, you fit separate elements together without tools, fast and effortlessly

Able To Reconfigure To Multiple Sizes And Heights

That’s right, whether you need to build a concert stage, a trade show booth, or even something like a plane hangar, truss systems work on a base of the same principle – you can build a structure of almost any shape using a set of standard pieces, straight or curved, attached to each other with special connectors. When tore down, the same pieces can serve in creating more structures of a different shape. So, in fact, buying one set of parts of a truss system you can get multitudes of displays


Most truss elements are made of aluminum which guarantees longevity of your displays at several levels. First of all, aluminum is not prone to corrosion, so there will be no stains, no change in color with time. Even after a harsh treatment you don’t need to dye or remove scratches as it often happens with products made of steel with powder coating. The second, it is really hard to damage truss elements even after years of exploitation unlike displays that have many plastic pieces. And the third, the streamline, clean and strict design in a silver metal finish wont go out of fashion quickly, so even after 10 years your truss exhibit will still be attractive to the show visitors.

Excellent Load Bearing Capacity

Aluminum frame of truss systems is lightweight itself but can bear a great load of products you can put or hang on it. Whether it is lighting gears, digital signage, projectors, podiums, etc. – your display will bear it all without deformation.

Cost Effective

As we already learned truss displays are highly versatile, re-usable, long-lasting and functional. Purchasing a display with such characteristics only says about smart investments that start paying off literally at the second time you use your truss structure.